What Do We Buy

What Do We Buy? We Buy Mortgage Notes..

Address One LLC. Buys Performing And Non-Performing Mortgage Notes And Distressed Real Estate Assets, We Specialize In The Turnaround of Non-Performing Real Estate Assets.

Since 2007

we have been purchasing and rehabbing distressed property, so we understand the challenge of dealing with difficult real estate transactions. Like many of associates in our select circle of investors, we often buy non-performing notes in order to control the underlying asset, and will most likely eventually recover the property, thus fueling our rehab inventory. Most importantly you get the cash you need and let someone else deal with the problems.

We specialize

in purchasing performing and non performing notes on all types of property. You can sell a trust deed on residential property, sell a trust deed on commercial property, sell a trust deed on vacant land, sell a trust deed on multi-family property, sell a trust deed on building lots, sell a trust deed on mixed-use property or sell a trust deed on almost any type of property. Call us today or fill out an online quote form.

No Transaction Fees

When you sell your non-paying mortgage note to our company we will pay all of the transaction expenses. There are no fees or costs for you. You will have the full proceeds from the sale, in cash, in about three weeks or less.

We Are Here To Help

whether you need to sell a Mortgage Note, Trust Deed or Land Contract for a residential or commercial property, or would just like an answer to a question. Our company takes pride in delivering quality service and the best possible cash prices for your non-paying mortgage notes.

Call Us Toll Free At Today At 1.800.869.7604

for more information and to receive a free, no obligation quote or fill out our Online Quote form to receive a confidential purchase proposal to sell your Non-Performing Mortgage Note.

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1st. Position Note Secured By Mortgage or Trust Deed,
Contract for Deed,
or Land Contract,
Structured Settlement or Annuity

Performing Note Criteria: Residential

  • Minimum $100,000 Current Unpaid Balance (UPB

  • Maximum $12,500,000 Current (UPB)

  • Maximum 85% loan to value (LTV) for Residential
    (V= Value. Value is Property Current Sale Price

  • Note Seasoning 3 Months Minimum

  • No Simultaneous Closes

  • Nationwide

  • Credit Score of Note Payor 600 Minimum

Commercial Notes Secured By Mortgage or Deed of Trust

Performing Note Criteria: Commercial or Multi-family

  • Minimum $500,000 Current Unpaid Balance (UPB

  • Maximum $50,000,000 Note Current (UPB)

  • Maximum 65% loan to value (LTV)

  • Minimum 35% Cash Down Payment

  • No Note or Deed Release Clauses